Welcome to Barnes, McDonnell & Parsons Pediatric Dentistry! in Port Orange and Ormond Beach FL

Barnes, McDonnell & Parsons Pediatric Dentistry is not your typical pediatric dental office. We have a relaxed and fun environment where wacky wardrobes and magic tricks are encouraged! 

Dr. Daniel Barnes - pediatric dentist in Ormond Beach FL and Port Orange, Florida started this practice first in Port Orange, FL in 1989. As his practice grew, pediatric dentists Dr. Sean McDonnell joined in 2004, followed by Dr. Kathy Parsons in 2013. As our number of awesome patients grew, we opened our family pediatric dental office in Ormond Beach, FL location in 2014.

As specialists in pediatric dentistry, we focus on the unique needs of infants, children, and those with special needs.Being leading family pediatric dentists in Ormond Beach FL and Port Orange, Florida, we educate parents on the proper care of newly forming teeth, nutrition, and what to expect as your child grows. We encourage you to join your child while they are being seen for their visits so you will know everything being discussed and can be an active part of our team approach.

Barnes, McDonnell & Parsons Pediatric Dentistry is a prevention-based practice focused on the needs and comfort of our patients. We understand a positive dental experience early in childhood will impact them throughout their lives. Our goal as pediatric dentists in Ormond Beach FL and Port Orange, FL is to provide a positive, fun environment and the care your child deserves.

You can rest assured we would never perform treatment that is not absolutely necessary. As a children’s dentist, we feel the child’s needs are much more important than what the insurance company determines as the best treatment. Unlike most insurance companies, we prefer to prevent cavities, not restore them when not necessary.